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Come and Visit!

There is no better way to find out more about Spring Grove School than to come and visit us, and we are always pleased to arrange tours for prospective families. A visit on a weekday allows you to see the school in action and to get a real feel for what we do at Spring Grove day to day. This personal tour will normally be led by Mrs Lee-Browne (Head of Marketing and Admissions) and can also include a meeting with the Head, Mrs Jaggard, or with the Head of Early Years, Mrs Blows, if this is helpful.

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Taster Days

Once a registration form has been completed, all pupils from Reception upwards are invited in for a taster day or session, to meet the teachers and to get a feel for the school. We believe that taster days are a great way for prospective pupils to find out about us, to meet their peers and to experience a snapshot of life at Spring Grove. The taster is also an opportunity for us to make an informal assessment of prospective pupils. A typical taster day, organised on a day to suit you, allows your son or daughter to join a suitable school year group for the day and participate in that group’s daily activities and lessons as if they were a current pupil.

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