School Fees

If you have any questions about the School fees at Spring Grove, please call 01233 812337 or email admissions@springgroveschool.co.uk.


Spring Grove Fees 2023-24

Fees from 1 September 2023. Spring Grove School has three terms per academic year (Autumn term, Spring term and Summer term).


Admissions Fees

Registration fee
£100 per child (one-off, non-refundable charge)

Spring Grove Nursery:  £150 per child
Reception to Prep 6:  £300 per child

The deposit is non-refundable if the pupil fails to take up the place. The deposit will be retained until the pupil leaves the school. For more information about the Admissions process click here; the Parent Contract (Terms and Conditions) is available here.


Spring Grove Nursery

Teddies (2-3 years) and Giraffes (3-4 years)
Spring Grove School requests that children attend a minimum of two sessions per week on separate days in Teddies, and a minimum of five sessions per week in Giraffes, made up of a mix of morning and afternoon sessions (subject to availability).  

Standard rates for 2 & 3 year olds not in receipt of Early Years funding
Morning session 8.30am – 11.30am £27.00 
Morning session + lunch 8.30am – 12.30pm £38.00   
Afternoon session 12.30pm – 3.30pm £27.00
Full day (incl. lunch) 8.30am – 3.30pm £58.00                                                     

If lunch is occasionally requested as a one-off addition to a morning session it will be charged at £12.50 (£9.00 standard hour rate; £3.50 for lunch)

Late pick-up charge:  £8.00 per half hour (or part thereof)

3 & 4 year olds in receipt of Early Years funding
Spring Grove School offers universal Early Years funding (up to 15 hours entitlement) from the term after your child turns three years of age.  If you are in receipt of Early Years funding, a maximum of three morning sessions per week is covered through the funding, leaving the rest of your 15-hour entitlement to be covered via afternoon sessions. All other sessions will be charged at our standard rate. Spring Grove does not offer extended entitlement hours.

Additional hours (standard rate): £9.00 per hour
Lunch: £3.50 per day
Late pick-up charge: £8.00 per half hour (or part thereof) 

If you subsequently increase your sessions during a term to include more hours than you signed for at the beginning of term on the KCC Early Years Parental Declaration Form, these will be chargeable at our standard rate.

If your child is accessing the universal 15 Early Years funding hours for 3-4 year olds only, with no additional hours, no registration fee or deposit will be chargeable and there is no requirement to buy uniform or a book bag. Upon additional hours being requested, the registration fee and deposit will become payable and Spring Grove School will charge the additional hours at the standard rate.

Reception (4-5 years)

Full-time attendance required. 

For children in receipt of Early Years funding: (up to 15 hours entitlement, up to and including the term in which your child turns five years of age) charges are for 8.30am – 12.30pm including lunch.

Autumn term £2,475
Spring term £2,560
Summer term £2,560

For children not in receipt of Early Years funding:
(Fees include lunch)
£3,485 per term 


Key Stage 1

(Fees include lunch)

Year 1 (5-6 years)
£3,765 per term

Year 2 (6-7 years)
£3,985 per term


Key Stage 2

(Fees include lunch)

Prep 3 (7-8 years)
£4,595 per term

Prep 4 (8-9 years)
£4,905 per term

Prep 5 (9-10 years)
£4,905 per term

Prep 6 (10-11 years)
£4,905 per term


Extras: Nursery – Prep 6

All Wraparound Care must be booked 24 hours in advance through SchoolsBuddy.

Breakfast Club (7.30am – 8.30am or part thereof): £8.00
Creche (3.30pm – 4.30pm or part thereof): £8.00
SG Extra (4.30pm – 6.00pm): £4.00 per half hour (or part thereof)
Late pick-up charge:  £8.00 per half hour (or part thereof)   


Sibling Discount

1st sibling 5%
2nd and subsequent siblings 10%
Sibling discount is not given in Teddies


Please note: fees are subject to annual review. Fees may be paid with childcare vouchers, up to and including the term in which your child turns five years of age, and for wraparound care throughout the school.