Form 1 Keeping Healthy

In science lessons Form 1 have been discussing how to keep healthy. We think you should eat lots of fruit and vegetables, do lots of exercise, get lots of sleep, drink lots of water and brush your teeth twice a day.

Form 1 Growing Assembly

Form1 enjoyed performing their growing assembly for everyone in the Marquee on Friday. The children will now be able to tell you all about the lifecyle of a plant or flower.

Form 1 May Assembly3

Form 1 May Assembly1 Form 1 May Assembly2

Form 1 Plant Walk

In science we are learning about plants.  We went on an adventure to discover all the types of plants we have here at Spring Grove.  We followed the secret path to visit Mr Haycock in hiss green house!





Owl Visit

Forms 1 and 2 enjoyed an informative morning learning all about birds of prey. We loved looking at all the birds, including an Eagle Owl, a Barn Owl, a Falcon and a Hawk. We had lots of fun in the garden watching the Hawk fly. We even had the chance to hold some of the birds.

Our trip to Wye Church

Form 1 had a great time on their trip to Wye church last week.  We met Ravi Holy and carried out our own wedding ceremony and christening. We also enjoyed some holy wine!

Form 1 Owls

In Science we have been learning about sound. We created our own musical instruments and performed to each other.

Form 1 Victorian Visit

Form 1 enjoyed a fantastic Victorian themed day at Kent Life Museum. The children experienced a Victorian school room with a very strict teacher, and a tour of a Victorian house. We all had a great day!

KS1 Club

The children had great fun in Key Stage 1 club gathering sticks, branches and trees from the field and bringing them back to the Key Stage 1 garden to build camps!