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Welcome to Early Years

Early Years Foundation StageThe Early Years Foundation Stage consists of Spring Grove Nursery – made up of the Teddies (2+) and Giraffes (3+) classes – and our Reception (4+) class.  

The EY Department is situated in its own building to the side of the main school. Each year group has its own set of classrooms and dedicated outdoor space. Children in the Teddies and Giraffes classes share a large walled garden with a sandpit, digging area, mud kitchen, vegetable garden and music area.  Reception children join KS1 children at morning and lunch breaks for playtime on the ‘big field’ in the main School. All of the outdoor spaces have recently been upgraded with small areas of artificial grass and large canopies to allow all-year-round free-flow in and out of the classroom.

As they progress through the Teddies and Giraffes classes, our Nursery children are encouraged to take risks within a safe and secure environment, setting them up for the next step in their education as they move from Nursery into the Reception class and on to Key Stage 1. Children develop confidence in themselves and confidence in their ability to learn and achieve. In our most recent ISI report the Teaching and Learning in Early Years was rated as Excellent, and for the third year running the Spring Grove Nursery was awarded Top 20 in the SouthEast by the DayNurseries website, based on parent reviews.

Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum
In the Teddies Class we concentrate on the three prime areas of development – communication & language, physical development and personal & social skills. As children move to the Giraffe class the concentration extends to a further four areas – literacy, maths, understanding the world and expressive arts and design. Our highly qualified staff support the children to become independent learners through a mix of carefully targeted activities and support. In addition we offer PE, Music and French, taught by specialist teachers from the main school.

Reception class is the final year of the Early Years Foundation Stage, and our teaching focuses on the areas of learning and development outlined in the EYFS – communication and language, physical development, personal, social and emotional development, literacy and numeracy, understanding the world, and expressive arts and design.

By the end of the year children in our Reception class are confident enough to perform to the whole school (and parents) as they present the Reception class Friday Assembly. The Reception children also take the lead roles in the annual Nativity Play, just before Christmas.

Mrs Clarke (Head of Early Years)