French is taught by a specialist teacher starting in the Giraffes class in Nursery right through to Prep 6. Singing, creativity and authenticity are very much a part of learning French at Spring Grove. Pupils enjoy the sounds and words of a second language by playing with them, listening to them and experimenting with them in rhymes, games, plays, stories, songs and poems.

French is used for a real purpose as often as possible:

  • writing Autumn poems for a Harvest assembly
  • learning the names of sea creatures we will see on a day trip to Nausicáa Aquarium in Boulogne
  • sampling a Galette des Rois at Epiphany
  • creating posters to advertise French events at school
  • performing a Perrault fairytale in front of a French and English audience
  • serving croissants and hot chocolate to the younger children in our Café de l’Ecole
  • speaking and listening to the animateurs on our annual trip to the Château de la Baudonnière in Normandy
  • making vocabulary board games to play with other pupils
  • watching plays performed in French by visiting theatre groups.