Online learning – SG Home Learning

If school is suspended either due to lockdown, or if yeargroup ‘bubbles’ need to be sent home, our online learning programme ensures that children at Spring Grove can continue as seamlessly as possible with their education. All children from Reception class to Year 6 are provided with a school Chromebook, preloaded with safe access to the SG Home Learning website. Children log on at 8.30am in the morning for registration and form time with their teacher, and then follow their timetable for the day via the website. 

SG Home Learning website 
The website is the home for the SG online learning programme. A child’s individual year group page is disp
layed automatically on their Chromebook when they log in. All children are shown how to navigate their way round the website for easy access to their timetabled lessons. The website also has links to a wide range of resources on the SG Home Learning Hub with Sport, Art, PSHE, Forest School, Wellbeing and many other activities.SG Home online learning website 

Online learning
Children follow their normal school timetable, taking into account the need to monitor and manage the amount of time spent online. 

  • For Reception children, home learning activities for English, Maths, specialist subjects and Topic are accessed via the SG Home Learning website. 
  • Children in KS1 and KS2 use Google Classroom and Google Meets for English, Maths and Foundation Subject activities. Work is set to reflect the length of a usual lesson and the relevant teacher is always available online (via Google Classroom) to answer questions during the timetabled lesson. Many lessons are taught live, with the teachers on hand to answer questions instantly if children do not understand or require extension work to be set. Teachers will ensure that, by the end of the day, all pupil work has been acknowledged and any questions dealt with.

There are three Assemblies every week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. These are times when the whole school comes together online, to celebrate achievements, to sing, and to celebrate the Spring Grove community. In the event of lockdown, the Friday Assembly is live-streamed to pupils and parents. 

The wellbeing of our pupils is always a priority, and we understand that for some pupils extended periods of Home Learning may be challenging. Form teachers are responsible for monitoring the wellbeing of their pupils, and check in regularly with the children in their class. Additional support is offered when considered necessary. A useful link for parents and pupils may be found here.

For more information about online learning at Spring Grove please read our Home Learning policy.