A limited number of means-tested bursaries (financial assistance) are available each year to families who would not otherwise be able to send their child to Spring Grove School. Bursaries may be awarded to supplement a scholarship or simply as a means of supporting pupils and their families to access the school in the short or long term (all awarded bursaries are reviewed annually).

Bursary awards at Spring Grove School are subject to a parental means test, which takes into account savings, investments and realisable assets as well as income, and are available to pupils from Reception onwards. The amount of bursary award is based on a sliding scale.  Awards are made from a limited fund and therefore not all applications will be successful.

For further information please read our Means-Tested Bursaries policy

If you have any questions or would like to apply for a bursary at Spring Grove School, please contact the Bursary on 01233 812337 or email apeirson@springgroveschool.co.uk. Please note all applicants for a bursary must register their child and pay the registration fee (£100) before the bursary application can be considered.