Vision, Mission and Aims



Our vision is to be:

  • A leading, truly independent prep school in Kent, offering boys and girls the very best start in life.  
  • A happy family-orientated school that gives every child the space and opportunity to grow with confidence, academically and holistically, in a changing world.


We will develop all the children who join Spring Grove to their full potential; academically, socially, physically and emotionally in a supportive, caring and friendly community.  Within a beautiful rural setting, our school is small enough for us to know every child and their family and encourage them to support the school motto: ‘Always Do Your Best’.


Our aims are that pupils at Spring Grove School will:

  • Fulfil their potential: spiritually, morally, socially, culturally and academically to the best of our and their ability. We go the extra mile to achieve our aims.
  • Learn in a stimulating environment: we develop knowledge and skills and nurture a love of learning that will be lasting.
  • Grow a thirst for knowledge: we encourage our pupils to develop a spirit of enquiry and an ability to work hard and independently and to value knowledge for its own sake.
  • Be considerate: we constantly encourage children to develop a strong social and moral conscience, to look after their neighbour and realise the importance of becoming a good citizen.
  • Develop a strong sense of wellbeing: we aim, as far as possible, to develop the whole child in a confident, responsible, successful and happy manner.
  • Endeavour to follow the motto Always Do Your Best: an approximate translation of our Latin motto, Ad Alta Prae Clara.