“I discovered Spring Grove on Google and was instantly impressed.  I felt this was the place for my children when browsing through your website.  You come across as a welcoming and inclusive school and I believe my two will benefit from the New parent (Nursery and Year 2)

“Both my wife and I attended SG in the 1990s and loved every moment of our time there.  We still have friends to this day from our school days at SG. The whole feel and ethos of the school was exactly the same when we look for our daughter and we loved that and want her to enjoy the same wonderful school that we both did.” Nursery parents

“We found Spring Grove after a web search of primary schools within easy access of the fast train service into London.  It looked like a small, friendly school with high standards without too much academic pressure.  When I contacted the school they were quick to reply and provide information and seemed friendly and open to engaging with parents.” Nursery parent

“We thought Spring Grove seemed like a really happy place and were very impressed that the Headmaster knew all about each child and with the passion of the teaching staff.  The school seems to place a lot of emphasis on the pastoral side of school life which we consider to be very important.” SG parent

“Spring Grove stood out as a perfect choice for our son, not only for the enthusiasm and nurturing atmosphere that came through the website, but also the school’s commitment to make its children well-rounded individuals, thriving on encouragement.” Teddies parent

 “We were absolutely astounded at the quality of all areas in the school. It has a great feel that I could only have wished for. It is a happy and welcoming environment which is just so nurturing for young growing pupils. We were also taken aback at how inspirational and enthusiastic Mr Jones is. I feel so lucky to have found a school like this.” Teddies parent

 “We chose Spring Grove because we really liked the emphasis on being outdoors.  I was also impressed by the Headmaster’s emphasis on finding each child’s talents and nurturing them.” New parent

“We chose Teddies because the staff were all so friendly and the children seemed happy and relaxed.” Teddies parent

“IYear 1 pupil

“We wanted to take the time to write and thank the Spring Grove staff for all the energy and effort you all put into life at SG.  We never find there is enough time to stop and express our gratitude during the busy working week but wanted to do so now, at Christmas. Our children have been at SG for six months and what an amazing time they have had so far!  Moving the children has been the best decision we have ever made and the difference in them is immense. A few weeks ago, from out of nowhere our daughter cuddled up to us and said We have loved watching their confidence grow through all the praise and encouragement.  Every single day, they are positively pushed out of their comfort zone, performing in an assembly or trying something new to eat. Everyone at SG has made us feel so welcome and we feel lucky to be part of the school. Thank you!”  SG parents

“We arranged to view the Nursery and was so impressed and felt so comfortable and at home, we decided on the spot to send both sons!”

“On attending the open day we instantly liked the atmosphere, ethos and values of the school. Furthermore, the small class sizes and high teacher:pupil ratio appealed to us.  We want our son to become the best person he possibly can be and we feel that Spring Grove will play a large part in nurturing and caring for him outside of his home environment.” A parent

“I arrived in the middle of Mr D’s maths class and was fortunate enough to be able to sit in and watch / listen for around 20 minutes or so. I can now totally understand why my daughter is now enjoying Maths! Mr D’s session was lively, fun and, to sum up in one word, excellent! All the children were on-task and enthusiastic about answering. I even found myself understanding fractions, decimals and percentages. As a parent it was lovely to see all the children really enjoying maths.  I drove home thinking how lucky I am to have two children at Spring Grove…you really do have a fantastic school with amazing staff!” Year 5 parent

“I would like to extend my appreciation to Spring Grove, especially Bill Jones and Nikki Holy, for all the help they gave to ensure that our reception went smoothly. We had a fantastic day and many people commented how beautiful the school looked.” Grandparent

“I would like to thank you all for a lovely Grandparents< Day. The enthusiasm you transfer to the children is wonderful." Grandparent

“Dear Mr Jones, thank you for teaching me Maths. It is one of my favourite subjects. You are my favourite teacher.” A happy pupil

“Dear Mr and Mrs Jones. As another school year draws to a close and as grandparents of —, we would like to thank you both, your colleagues and all your staff for the time, effort and skills that you have put in to prepare — with confidence for her new life at another school and for the challenges beyond Spring Grove.
As she begins the transformation from little girl to young lady, we can see that she has an excellent grounding in academic subjects. She has also enjoyed and achieved musically, artistically and, certainly, on the sports field. Perhaps, most importantly, she has been shown how to apply the ethos of the School to make a useful contribution to the life of her community. We congratulate everyone on what has been achieved so far and wish you all continuing success in the future.” Grandparent

“Thank you very much for everything you have done for — and —-. They are thoroughly enjoying themselves and have come on leaps and bounds, both academically and on the sports field. All in all, we think you have a wonderful school.” A new parent

“Thanks to you both for your never-ending enthusiasm and all your hard work for Spring Grove. It all goes towards making SG the fantastic school that it is – and it is always appreciated!” Parent

“I simply have to tell you how wonderful it was to have the boys from Spring Grove as our “window display” in the Sue Ryder charity shop…they worked very hard playing their jazz…and drew crowds and applause. They and their talents – as well as their polite and personable manners – are a credit to your school.” A grateful grandparent!