Wraparound Care & Clubs

Wraparound Care & Clubs

We offer wraparound care from 7.30am to 6pm for all children from Nursery to Prep 6.

7.30am – 8.30am Breakfast Club (in the Sunley Hall/ Nursery for all EYFS Children)
3.30pm – 4.30pm Creche (in the Nursery classroom/garden)
4.30pm – 6.00pm SG Extra, including tea (in the Nursery classroom/garden)


Creche and SG Extra must be booked by 9.30am latest on the required day. Wraparound care is booked via the SchoolsBuddy app and prices are as published on our fees page.

Clubs Programme

The Clubs Programme is for children from Reception to Prep 6, and most clubs take place after the end of the school day (3.30pm or 4.30pm depending on year group and the day of the week). There is a charge per club to take part in the after-school programme. Some clubs are run by external coaches and some by members of the SG school staff. Clubs bookings are released before the beginning of each term, and are bookable via the SchoolsBuddy app. Please contact the School Office for more information office@springgroveschool.co.uk.

Our Clubs change from term to term and may include:

  • Art Club – Art is a very popular subject and our children jump at the opportunity to spend time in the art room working on a variety of projects.
  • Ball Skills – a chance to develop ball skills through a variety of fun games.
  • Coding Club – a great opportunity to learn some useful coding skills and have fun!
  • Dance Club – a great way to learn some moves and get a work-out at the same time!
  • Gardening Club – this is a popular club and a chance to learn about caring for plants and the natural world.
  • Lego Club – a popular activity for all.
  • Music Ensembles – including Orchestra, Choir, Folk Band and Rock Band.
  • Sports Clubs – including athletics, netball, hockey, cross-country, tennis and swimming – the clubs change according to the time of year.