School Life

School Life and Values

Every aspect of school life at Spring Grove is grounded in our vision and aims, and we actively live out our school values of curiosity, confidence, creativity, consideration/care, and craftsmanship. 

Curiosity is at the heart of all our learning. In the classroom, on stage, in Forest School or on a trip, our children are always encouraged to be inquisitive, open-minded, to ask good questions and to enjoy collaborating. 

Confidence  Our children are encouraged and supported to act independently and to be ‘can-do’ people. Whether it’s performing a song in French at French Breakfast, being interviewed about a sports fixture in assembly, or speaking up as part of the Eco Committee, our children are genuine, ambitious, resilient, passionate and resourceful. Children know that they can get better through practice and determination – and that this is a really important life skill.

Creativity  Children at Spring Grove love the opportunity to perform, especially in front of an audience. With a full dramatic performance every term, all of our children from Nursery upwards have the chance to shine on stage, whether speaking, singing or dancing. In the Art room and at Forest School our children are imaginative and inventive, innovative and expressive. Being creative helps everyone to feel good and aids wellbeing.

Consideration/care  Great emphasis is laid on showing kindness to others, being nurturing and helpful, responsible and trustworthy. Our children are keen to serve and be public-spirited, striving to be eco citizens and global citizens. The House system encourages the older children to take care of the younger ones, while House stars are given for thoughtfulness and kindness to others as well as academic achievement.. 

Craftsmanship  Training in sport, learning in class, playing an instrument – our children understand that it’s important to keep practising the hard bits to make something the best it can be. They show pride in what they do and, as growth mindset learners, know they will make mistakes along the way.