What a fantastic day!

Our day with the Tim Kliphuis Trio was amazing.  Assemblies, workshops, music room opening with tea, cake and beautiful music from the children, finished off with a mesmerising concert.

 tim kliphuis opens Spring Grove School music room        Tim Kliphuis at Spring Grove School, Ashford

We began the day with an assembly in which the TK trio inspired the children with their skilled muscianship and even jazzed up a favourite hymn.  After that we had a 3 different workshops: strings, guitar and woodwind in which the children practised and improvised some pieces.  Later in the day was the opening of the Music Room by Tim which included a taster of the concert to come in the evening.  The children performed brilliantly.  The day concluded with a superb concert.  The Tim Kliphuis Trio were mesmerising and a great evening was had by all.  Click here for the photos