Art and Design at Spring Grove stimulates creativity and imagination within our children. We have a quirky attic art room where children are able to express themselves freely. Key Stage 2 children are taught by a specialist teacher whilst Key Stage 1 children are taught by their class teachers.

Through the disciplines of drawing, painting, designing and making our children acquire important communication and creative skills that make a significant contribution to their learning in other areas of the school curriculum. Sometimes art topics are linked to other curriculum areas, sometimes we study a style of a particular artist and sometimes we let our art topic stand alone!

We aim to introduce children to a wide range of tools and techniques to enable them to record from observation, experience and imagination. We improve children’s awareness of visual and tactile elements of art and design, and allow them to develop their understanding of colour, form, texture and pattern. Through our varied art projects, we teach children about the differences and similarities of artists and craftspeople from different cultures.

We measure success through enjoyment and are comfortable with assessing each others’ work in a positive and constructive way.

We celebrate our art by displaying it around our school and often enter competitions. Children who are keen to develop their art skills have the opportunity to attend our popular Art Club.