Year 4

In Prep 4 the children are taught English and Maths and Geography by Miss Drury, who also sees them for Art and games, and they enjoy specialist teaching for science, PE, music and French.

Prep 4 is a busy year as the children begin to focus on working towards their future schools. Half-termly assessments are conducted in Maths and English writing, whilst reading ages are tested in October and June. Exams in Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non Verbal Reasoning are sat in December, and in Maths and English (including a writing task) in May. The children begin to work on their NVR and VR skills during prep time as a step towards 11+ and other secondary school examinations.

Homework consists of one English exercise and one Maths exercise for weekend homework. During the week children are expected to read regularly at home and to practise their spellings and times tables for weekly tests.

Positive reinforcement of a hard-working attitude and good behaviour occurs through the reward of stars. Children may also enjoy a short session of Golden Time on a Friday afternoon.

Each term Prep 4 enjoy an educational trip. In recent terms these have supported our history curriculum through visits to Hever Castle and Rochester Cathedral and Castle, science through our visit to The Observatory Science Centre at Herstmonceux, geography through field trips into Wye and biennually the Prep 3 and 4 trip to Boulogne.

In Prep 4 the children represent the school in our Under 9 matches and tournaments in many sports and activities ranging from rugby to cross country to chess! At this age most of the children are learning to play a musical instrument and show great enjoyment performing in our informal concerts, House Entertainment and more formal events.

Prep 4 is an important year during which the children develop a more mature attitude towards buyambiencheap.com organising themselves and their belongings. They are also expected to develop a sense of responsibility for their own learning which will stand them in good stead for the challenges of Prep 5.


Miss Drury (Prep 4D Teacher) and Mme Leavey (Prep 4L Teacher)